Loyalty and Rewards

From custom marketing campaign to individual rewards, you have complete control over your loyalty rewards program.

Self Managed Program Set Up

This feature allows the loyalty program operator to setup and customize their parameters by using a simple web interface. This product has been designed with flexibility at the forefront, allowing the program operator to select from a range of possible options which include the fees charged for a transaction, the loyalty contribution amount and even modify the transaction terminology used to meet their requirements.

Easy to Use

There is no software to download or install, using the loyalty system is easy and only requires internet access. The software platforms are extremely user-friendly. Being web-based, you can connect from almost anywhere.

You Control the Float

Most loyalty programs are designed that someone else looks after the administration and the funds collected from the loyalty program. Returning funds to merchants on redemption.

We offer the operator:

  • The tools to administer the loyalty program
  • The ability to sit on the cash float of the loyalty program

Depending on the rules you establish for your loyalty program this could mean you are earning interest on the funds you are holding and any breakage. Breakage is defined as the value of points /currency in loyalty programs that are forfeited or expire unredeemed points. Depending on the size of the loyalty program the funds held for redemption by the participants could be extensive and improve the liquidity of the program operators business.

Marketers have a shared understanding that breakage is better for companies sponsoring loyalty programs than it is for the program members. We also know that the fundamentals of the loyalty marketing business case includes a healthy boost from the financial benefit derived through breakage. Until recently, breakage was seen as a "good thing", and more than one loyalty program has lost its way as the temptation to tweak program rules to increase breakage overshadowed original objectives. But attitudes are changing. With consumers increasingly in control of brand conversations and information transparency on the rise, no brand wants to be seen as hiding a self-serving financial benefit behind a marketing campaign otherwise positioned as "customer centric”.

Online Enrollment

Get more traffic to your website. The online enrollment process allows your customers to join into your loyalty program, and gives them the added functionality of viewing their account online to check for points balance.


Give your loyal customers the control to view their points using the web based Customer Loyalty Portal. Card holders can view their transaction history, where and when the points were earned and redeemed. With some simple integration, the Customer Loyalty Portal has the functionality to top up their account by adding funds, or they can even cash out their loyalty points out to a nominated bank account.

There is no advantage of having a loyalty program if you are not able to measure its performance. The Lightstorm Merchant Portal gives you the ability to measure in real time how your program is tracking. It is an essential tool to measure the success of your loyalty program, as well as offer incentives to your staff for customer signups and for processing transactions.

Loyalty Apps for mobile devices

To complement our existing software suite, Lightstorm are able to develop simple apps for your mobile devices to coexist with your loyalty program. We have developed an app for the Apple and Android platforms. These apps allow your loyalty customers to view their transactions, and use their mobile device in place of a physical card by using a bar code displayed on their mobile device. The barcode is then scanned at the participating location to earn and redeem loyalty. Engage with our sales team to discuss the opportunity to develop your custom app for your loyalty program.

Virtual Terminal

Put simply, the Lightstorm Virtual Terminal is an online version of swipe machines used in retail outlets. The added advantage is that there is no need to invest in expensive equipment. All that is required is a compatible web browser and an internet connection and a card swipe reader (if you decide to use physical cards for the program). The Virtual Terminal can also be utilised with a specially developed Loyalty App designed for your business. This APP incorporates a barcode in place of a physical card, and provided that you have the necessary compatible POS LED scanner, your customers can earn and redeem loyalty with their mobile device.

All transactions are in real time, so you can keep track of all loyalty transactions and customer activities as they happen. Our Virtual Terminal can also be branded to reflect your business color scheme. Engage with our sales team to maximize the benefits on how this solution can be customized to suit your business requirements.

Some of the extra features of the Virtual Terminal include:

  • Employee access control
  • Flexible delivery either using cards with barcodes or magnetic strips.
  • Staff and customer auditing.
  • Rewards your staff for achieving goals.
  • Dynamic reward rates.
  • Flexible payment options with partial payments using points in conjunction with other payment types.
  • Linking of multiple loyalty card holder accounts for family members.
  • Facilitates card not present transactions.
  • Customized theming to represent the "flavor" of your business.

Advanced Reporting Tools

Our objectives are aimed at our clients. We aim to meet many of your regular day to day reporting requirements with real time enquiry screens that give you the information about your loyalty program that you need at a glance and also allow you to drill down to the lowest level of data. Output your reports to printers, or any of the below formats all at a press of a button.

Advanced Reporting Toolset Advanced Reporting Toolset Advanced Reporting Toolset Advanced Reporting Toolset Advanced Reporting Toolset Advanced Reporting Toolset Advanced Reporting Toolset Advanced Reporting Toolset

Not seeing the data that you need? Our experienced development team can facilitate reports which suit your business requirements.


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