Our Company - Lightstorm Global

For close to a decade, we have been quietly building on the principles that got us started – creative integrity, collaborative thinking, and a cross-discipline approach to brand development. We build the platforms, products, and experiences that transform businesses and help them thrive. Our team consists of story tellers, coders and development engineers working together to expand the possibilities of design thinking, technology and product experiences. As the world moves forward in pushing the boundaries of what’s technologically feasible, our interest and focus remain on the products that push the boundaries or what is technologically meaningful.




Gopal Nener
Development Team Leader


Gopal has been employed with Lightstorm Global since its inception. He has worked across various roles within the IT industry before graduating with a Computer Science Degree at Murdoch University. Gopal’s role of Development Team Manager within Lightstorm Global has provided the company with leading technical implementations and solutions. His main focus is SQL Database Administration, where he has acquired excellent knowledge and skills to enable him to manage and administer our wide SQL infrastructure. His extensive experience with SQL databases isn’t Gopal’s only strong point.

Gopal’s most recent achievements have included Apple Development work where he has developed an app which incorporates our customer loyalty based platform. Gopal also says that “being given the opportunity to grow our Apple App has been a very rewarding experience”.




Stephen Marshall, Board MemberStephen Marshall
Board Member


Stephen Marshall is a Chartered Accountant , and has a Bachelor of Business and senior director of Marshall Michael Pty. Ltd. a chartered Accountancy practice for 24 years. Stephen  has amassed a wealth of knowledge over the course of his career. Working in a variety of areas including but not limited to audit, accounting, corporate planning and governance, financial reporting, management accounting, strategic planning and taxation.

Working with businesses on these issues both in private companies and for Public companies Stephen has gained  experience in a number of industries such as construction, manufacturing, health care, retail and software development.



Gary Ronald Gascoigne
Board Member


Mr Gascoigne while a professional Pharmacist since 1979 has developed and maintains two pharmacy groups with pharmacies Australia wide. He also owns Australia largest online Pharmacy retailer which is also leading the way in developing e-commerce trading with mainland China. His other business interest are in optical lens manufacturing and some retailing.

He brings to the Board a wealth of knowledge in marketing ,retailing and strategic development.



Greg Jack
Board Member


Professionally was a member of the Australian Army Special forces since 1978 rising to the rank of Warrant Officer Class One, then through to Major before retiring In 2013. Since that time he has consults with a number of organisations using the extensive experience learnt from his professional career both in Australia and overseas.

He brings to the Board a wealth of experience in human relations, leadership and team building which has been invaluable to the company. Further the Board recognise his assistance with security issues which come up time to time.




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