We supply a stored value E-Wallet platform to enable MLM, Affiliates and other similar business to efficiently pay associates.

Integrated Solutions

With our integrated services, we can provide an API to your developers to implement our software products to suit your specific business requirements. Our platforms are designed for easy integration to provide you with a secure and efficient method of processing loyalty or commissions. Our systems can cater for all scenarios.

Online Enrolment

Lightstorm can provide fully customizable registration forms to your clients, allowing a fast and secure method for registration to the ewallet system. Information that is entered and collected is defined by you, and Lightstorm can also facilitate the headers and logos to brand the registration web page to suit your requirements.

Cash Outs

Our commission platform provides your customers the ability to transfer paid commissions to other linked bank accounts, including the ability to ACH or wire transfer funds domestically. You can even cash out to a prepaid cards such as VISA and MasterCard, provided they are linked to your nominated bank account.

Customer Interface Portal (eWallet)

This powerful tool provides business affiliates the ability to load funds or commissions to your personal e-wallet account as a money transfer. The Customer Portal also allows you to:

  • Check current balances of all your linked accounts
  • Access to transaction history for all linked accounts
  • Perform a funds transfer
  • Edit your personal details
  • Allows the functionality to convert into different languages to suit your local market

Our experienced team of developers can customise the eWallet platform to suit your specific business requirements. Our aim is to increase the functionality and value of your eWallet solution, which will enable your affiliates to grow their business. Some of the other features of the eWallet solution include email notifications of when commissions are received, and notifications of when there has been no activity within an affiliates account over a specified time frame. Engage with our sales team to find out how we can customise a solution that suits your organisational goals and objectives.

Merchant Interface Portal

There is no advantage of having a commission system if you are not able to measure its activity and performance. The Lightstorm Merchant Portal gives you the ability to measure in real time how your commission system is tracking. Run reports on how much commission has been transferred to various associates, check transactions that have occurred, view participant’s balances and manage user access using a hierarchical methodology.

Advanced Reporting Toolset

Our objectives are aimed at our clients. We aim to meet many of your regular day to day reporting requirements with real time enquiry screens that give you the information you need at a glance and also allow you to drill down to the lowest level of data. Output your reports to printers, or any of the below formats all at a press of a button.

Advanced Reporting Toolset Advanced Reporting Toolset Advanced Reporting Toolset Advanced Reporting Toolset Advanced Reporting Toolset Advanced Reporting Toolset Advanced Reporting Toolset Advanced Reporting Toolset


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