We have the privilege of working with some of the most well known companies in the world and we don’t take this lightly. We work with a number of industries ranging from technology, to consumer—pharmaceutical and more.Our clients engage us in a number of ways - we help them thrive in a networked world . We view our clients as partners and work collaboratively with them to achieve results they can measure.


Our business and its brands operate in a highly competitive market place and in today’s age of technology, we are forever presented with challenges. Our people and the value they represent cannot be underestimated but like us, today’s consumers are better educated and their loyalty cannot be taken for granted. We wanted to show our customers that we understand that they have choices and we wanted to express our appreciation of their continued loyalty. This led us on the journey to creating our loyalty program and one that offers “real rewards”.

Our partnership with Lightstorm Global has been hugely important part of taking our idea from a concept stage to being a fully developed program that operates both locally and nationally with seamless execution. Lightstorm from the beginning although not in our industry or business seemed to get our business and this has created a great synergy between our organisations.

Our criteria and the challenges it presents were many but we needed a program, a platform which was easy to navigate when our work force is so diverse, a program that actually delivers on our commitment to really rewarding our customers. This program is and has been successfully developed to operate across our organisation for many years and today it is even more important to keep developing it and progressing with new technology that brings new opportunity!

From a management perspective I am able to stay connected with our locations and our customers by the back end facility which gives me real results in real time! The power of the information enables us to make better observations and decisions when we know the data is current and relevant. Lightstorm have equipped myself and my colleagues with a powerful tool to continue to grow our teams and to reward our valuable customers.

Our customers are our best advocates for our loyalty program and through their continuing support we are able to continue to grow our people and our business. My advice is if you are wanting a real program that really works … then get Lightstorm on the team and let them get you connected!

- Amanda Whitman, Optimal Business Development Manager


- Stephen Marshall, Executive Director, Marshall Michael


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